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October 3rd, 2019

Legendary drag diva Frank Marino, who’s currently guest-starring in Legends in Concert at the Tropicana, has a built-in joke about not being the only queen in the cast—because Fernando Castro is doing a pretty solid Freddie Mercury tribute. Castro even sings “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which still seems like an impossible track to cover.

You know who does a mean “Bohemian” cover? The Bronx Wanderers. They play every night but Saturday at Mat Franco Theater in the Linq, and Vinny “Vin A.” Adinolfi kills it on piano and vocals while David Braun torches that Brian May solo.



BY BROCK RADKE - Las Vegas Magazine

FEBRUARY 8, 2019

Consisting of father Vinny Adinolfi, his sons Nicky and Vin and their high-energy backing band, the Bronx Wanderers trekked from New York to Las Vegas in 2016 and immediately began building a reputation for one of the most rollicking rock shows on the Strip. Covering everything and everyone from Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons to Bruno Mars, BW’s 90-minute sensation outgrew its first Vegas home at Bally’s and has relocated to The Linq, taking the stage at the Mat Franco Theater six nights a week. Las Vegas Magazine's Brock Radke caught up with singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Vinny “Vin A.” Adinolfi III to find out where this unique, genre- and era-spanning act is going from here.

You’ve been performing in Las Vegas for more than two years, but how long have the Bronx Wanderers been the thing for you?

Since birth! I’m just kidding. The Bronx Wanderers started in 2006 with my brother and I and my dad and his friends. He got a bunch of cool people from the neighborhood to do the band with us, guys from the Earls and the Regents and the Tokens. My brother and I were the only two young dudes. We started progressing and were eventually playing 250 dates a year, just always on the road, and the guys never got to see their families where we were lucky because we were with our family. So they had to leave. But I told my dad, don’t worry about it, Nicky and I had our own band. So now it was a 50-year-old musician going on the road with a bunch of 18-year-olds and everybody loved it.

And you eventually decided you wanted to do a show in Las Vegas. Why was that so important?

Mainly it was for my dad. I was young and had no idea of the whole Vegas thing, but I liked the idea of having people come to you as opposed to you going to them. Dad was a record executive for 30 years and he looked up to Wayne Newton and the Rat Pack and Tom Jones and it was his dream to be one of those guys. We had no idea it would work out. I’d ever seen my dad so excited as when he’d get on that elevator at Bally’s every day and Wayne Newton was in the same elevator going to do his show. He was just, “Can you believe this? Do you kids even know the gravity of this?”

You just moved the show into the larger Mat Franco Theater at The Linq. It’s a big move.

We’re excited and nervous about it. The team (at The Linq) told us, “Just do what you’re doing. You’ve earned this.” And Mat Franco couldn’t have been cooler. That kind of support has been a calming force. And we’re adding a bunch of new stuff to the show, new screens, new costumes and adding a lot of new moments to the show. We can’t wait for people to see this new installment.

There’s so much energy at that property right now. Does the excitement from other new features at the Linq carry over to you guys?

Oh yeah. They just added that new zipline (The FlyLinq) and it’s bringing a ton of people and there’s a new convention center under construction. It’s a really cool location right between Harrah’s and the Flamingo which is kind of our demo, but we’ve got a bunch of young guys in the band and we’re hoping more young people will come to the show. My whole goal with Bronx Wanderers is to get an age group from 8 to 88, to have something for everybody. It’s not an easy task but when you do it right, it’s so rewarding.

What about adapting off the stage? Do you feel you’ve become a real local Las Vegan?

I immediately fell in love with Las Vegas because there’s so much going on musically. It’s not like anywhere else. But I’ve definitely been able to do some fun stuff when I have time. I really like going to Giada and having a nice glass of wine. I’m pretty tight with Anthony Cools and he brought me to Axe Monkeys (an indoor axe throwing range). One of my favorite things out here is Musashi, this really cool (teppanyaki) restaurant that’s open until 4 a.m. This town is a lot like New York where everything is open 24/7, it’s just a lot more chill. New York has that anxious vibe where people are rushing around even when they don’t need to be somewhere.

Artist Interview: Vin A

December 3rd, 2018

Any plans to release a video?

I plan to release a music video for one of the song’s off the next album but haven’t decided which yet. I try not to force these decisions and just allow the universe to tell me.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I like to play very weird instruments and have a rather unique sound. Between my 6 string banjo, my 3 and 4 string slide cigar box guitars, the different electric guitars i use. I’m a big tone junkie and I like writing songs for an audience that’s never heard me but they can sing along either way even if it’s their first time seeing me.

Who have you been listening to lately?

I really love Big Wreck, The Living End, and Beck. Jeff Lynne from ELO is always a major influence because I love his chords and catchy melodies. Radiohead will always be a staple and there’s so many more to mention but those are the biggies.

Tell us about your passions

Coffee. Lol, I’m just kidding, not really though. I guess my beautiful girlfriend helps me out of bed or pushes me I should say. The fact I’m writing and recording my new album is a major excitement factor. And the fact my Las Vegas show is moving to a much larger venue on the strip in January, I’m also very excited about that.

What else is happening next in your world?

The Bronx Wanderers are doing a two week Florida tour the first two weeks of January, every show is already sold out so I’m looking forward to traveling (a little) again. Before that, my girlfriend and I are going to Disney World for two days so that’s going to be a lot of fun!

Thanks for an awesome interview, Vincent!

Connect with Vin A



interview on 96.3 kklz THE MIKE AND CARLA MORNING SHOW

March 20th, 2018

KKLZ's "Open For Bon Jovi" contest winner, Vin A, is in studio talking to M&C about what it was like to open for the future Hall of Fame rocker!


Bon Jovi toasts to new wine, but ‘not ready’ for Las Vegas residency→

March 18th, 2018

By John Katsilometes Las Vegas Review-Journal

Jon Bon Jovi shouted it from the stage at T-Mobile Arena: “What could be better than a St. Patrick’s Day party in Las Vegas on a Saturday night?”

Maybe a stack of Saturday night parties in Las Vegas, hosted by Bon Jovi in a fancy Strip theater.


Bon Jovi rocked it at T-Mobile on Saturday, filling the place and reminding us why the band is about to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April (with Howard Stern making the induction speech). Very clearly they should be on the hot list for an extended engagement on the Strip, joining such contemporaries as Journey, Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Styx with Don Felder, Billy Idol, Joe Walsh, and ZZ Top to play bursts of shows in VegasVille.

Those bands, over the years, have found a sweet spot performing on select nights on the Strip. But Bon Jovi has no plans to jump in. Not yet, at least.

“Have we been approached? Yes, we have. But it’s a big world, and we’re still exploring it,” Bon Jovi said. “But I’m not ready to settle down yet. It’s flattering, and I know there are a lot of great bands doing it, but I’m not ready for it.”


Bon Jovi made those comments at a comparatively quiet affair, a launch event for Diving Into Hampton Water Rose at Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. The rose is distributed by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits of Nevada, where Ruvo Center founder Larry Ruvo and his sidekick Michael Severino serve as executives.

The wine is a partnership between Bon Jovi’s son Jesse Bongiovi and his friend and business partner, Ali Thomas. Bon Jovi is also part of the Cleveland Clinic’s Keep Memory Alive organization and has performed at the Power of Love gala at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Bon Jovi grinned when I asked of the opportunity he presented Vinny “Vin A.” Adinolfi of Bally’s family act The Bronx Wanderers on Saturday night. The rising rocker won a competition co-promoted by the band and KKLZ-FM in Las Vegas to open Saturday’s show.


Adinolfi clearly relished his time under the lights, racing around the stage and breathlessly calling out, “Thanks to Jon Bon Jovi for making this dream come true.”

Bon Jovi always gives local bands a shot to take the stage during the band’s frequent U.S. tours.

“We do it every night, and I’ve been doing it for years,” he said. “I give a little talk to the guys, and I did last night, on how it was that I went to the loneliest man in the music business — a DJ — with a cassette. That’s what you had to do to get people to get your music out there. I tell them, ‘Here’s an opportunity; here’s what you need to do with it. Get noticed.’ ”

The 56-year-old frontman added, “I guess he went and played a club after opening for me, right?”

Yessir, Vin A. and the band hit The Space, closing that show at 12:30 a.m.

“You see?” Bon Jovi said, smiling. “That’s the idea!”

After I relayed that sentiment, Vin A. succinctly replied, “Awesome!”

John Katsilometes’ column runs daily in the A section. Contact him at @johnnykats on Twitter, @JohnnyKats1 on Instagram.


Carla & Wendy Backstage with Vin A!→

March 19th, 2018

By Wendy Rush 96.3 KKLZ

Saturday was such a fun night of great people and awesome music!!! Bon Jovi rocked the house at T-Mobile Arena, with local musician Vin A opening. Carla Rea and Wendy Rush had the honor of introducing Vin A, who won the opportunity to open for Bon Jovi after winning the majority of votes in the KKLZ "Opening Band" contest.

It was such a pleasure to hang out with these guys in the dressing room. All very down to earth and humble and SO excited to play at T-Mobile (of course, they had just met Jon Bon Jovi, so that made it even cooler). When it was time, we were all escorted to the big stage!

Carla and Wendy MIGHT have been more excited than the band.

While the KKLZ girls waited for their cue, they snapped some backstage shots of Vin A getting ready to rock!

And...caught a glimpse of Bon Jovi's set list.  And was time. But first, one more pre-show pep talk. You got this, guys! Rock that arena!! And rock, they did! Amazing job guys!! What an amazing opportunity for these guys. And well-deserved!

We reached out to Vin after the show and he wanted to give a special thank you to everyone who made this possible:

"I can't thank everyone enough in this amazing town for the incredible support and love we received that night at T Mobile. 16,000 screaming fans made it possible, thanks to EVERYONE that voted. We'll never forget this opportunity we were given. Thank you KKLZ and all you rockin' listeners!" - Vin


Evan interviews Vin A from the Vegas show The Bronx Wanderers. Vin is also in his own solo band and thanks to a lot of determination and a little help from his friends, he won a local radio contest and is now opening for BON JOVI on Saturday, March 17 at The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. How did he finish at the top? What is he planning for Saturday? And what can we expect from Vin A after the Bon Jovi show? All those questions will be answered plus hear Evan’s wife Kelly Meyersfield make a cameo appearance so she can go into full Bronx Wanderers fangirl mode. May have been awkward.

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Catch The Bronx Wanderers live nightly in Las Vegas at Bally’s and get their albums “Echoes of the Past” and “Not Afraid to Dream” on Amazon. 



March 15th, 2018

By Mark Satorre Vegas Valley News

Local Artist Selected by 96.3 KKLZ to Perform Opening Set at Bon Jovi’s ‘This House Is Not For Sale 2018 Tour’ at T-Mobile Arena on Saturday, March 17

LAS VEGAS (March 15, 2018) – Bon Jovi’s legacy is as much about giving back as it is about epic performances on record setting tours. In 2017, the GRAMMY-winning global rock icons and newly announced Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2018 inductees gave 28 talented acts an opportunity to spotlight their talent to capacity crowds on the This House Is Not For Sale Tour. When the This House Is Not For Sale 2018 Tour kicked off in March, bands across North America once again had a shot at a coveted opening slot on the tour.


Now, after an intense search by 96.3 KKLZ, Vin A. has been chosen to open for Bon Jovi in Las Vegas at T-Mobile Arena on Saturday, March 17.

This is the third tour in recent years that the GRAMMY Award®-winning band has invited local and regional artists to share the stage (2006’s Have A Nice Day Tour and 2010’s The Circle Tour). Those chosen will demonstrate that they have the sound, style, and substance to open an arena show.


The This House Is Not for Sale Tour (2017) was Bon Jovi’s first outing since the band’s 2013 Because We Can World Tour. 2013’s tour was their fourth in six years to be ranked the No. 1 top-grossing tour in the world (a feat accomplished by only The Rolling Stones previously) with a total of $259.5 million. Bon Jovi also earned the No. 1 grossing worldwide tour in 2010 for The Circle Tour, with $201 million total, and 2008’s Lost Highway tour, which earned $210.6 million. Bon Jovi’s touring legacy was recognized with the “Legend of Live” award at the Billboard Touring Conference & Awards prior to the kick-off of The This House Is Not for Sale Tour.

Bon Jovi’s No. 1 debuting album, This House Is Not For Sale, has been reissued by Island Records and is available now as This House Is Not For Sale (When We Were Us) containing two new tracks Both “When We Were Us” and “Walls. ”Both “When We Were Us” and “Walls,” were written by Jon Bon Jovi, who was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2007, and John Shanks. The songs reflect current events, both personal and nationwide, respectively.

Visit for updated information.

By John Katsilometes Las Vegas Review-Journal

Vinny “Vin A.” Adinolfi is seeing a dream come true when he opens for Bon Jovi on Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena.He’s also releasing his gun-safety anthem “Enough is Enough,” which is to be played at the march on Washington being organized by students in Parkland, Fla. on March 24 Vin A. and the family act Bronx Wanderers continue to rock it out nightly at 6 o’clock at Bally’s Windows showroom.


Vin A.’s great awakening: Opening for Bon Jovi at T-Mobile Arena→

March 12th, 2018

By John Katsilometes Las Vegas Review-Journal

It takes a lot to roust Vinny “Vin A.” Adinolfi III out of bed at 7 a.m., but he popped awake this morning for an announcement by Mike O’Brian and Carla Rea on KKLZ 96.3-FM.

The co-hosts informed their listening audience who has won the station’s battle-of-the-bands contest to open for Bon Jovi on Saturday at T-Mobile Arena. Vin A., a member of the family rock act Bronx Wanderers at Windows Showroom at Bally’s, won the station’s open voting competition.

Upon hearing the news, the ever-zealous showman couldn’t get back to sleep. He has fans to thank, a set list to compile. Oh, and rehearsals. Lots of rehearsal time for this one.

“It’s unreal, man, just unreal,” Vin A. said today in a phone chat. “It’s so great. I can’t believe it, really.”

A guy who is born to perform, Vin A. has been busy outside his regular role as multi-instrumentalist and singer in Bronx Wanderers, founded by his father, Vinny Adinolfi Jr., and featuring brother Nicky Adinolfi.

Most prominently, Vin A.’s “Enough Is Enough” anti-gun anthem is due for release next week. The video for that tune, unveiled in December at Myron’s Cabaret Jazz at The Composers Showcase, has been sent to students in Parkland, Fla., who plan to play it during the March For Our Lives event in Washington D.C., on March 24.

The march is headed up by students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, site of the Feb. 14 mass shooting that claimed the lives of 17 students and staff.

But “Enough Is Enough” won’t be part of Vin A.’s five-song set Saturday night.

“I want don’t want to come in with some big political statement for this,” Vin. A said. “We don’t want to bring the mood down before a Bon Jovi concert.”


Prior to Saturday, Vin A. has opened for one other significant act — the Long Island band Brand New, popular on the East Coast several years ago. Vin A.’s band Lovebent opened at the 5,000-seat theater at his college, Stockton College in Atlantic County, N.J.

But opening for Bon Jovi in front of 16,000 or so rock fans is an entirely different dimension.

“I am lucky to do it, happy that the fans of Bronx Wanderers responded the way they did,” Vin A. said. He added that he plans to continue performing nightly with the family act, still chugging along after opening at Windows Showroom in October 2016.

“The whole point is to do everything, do all things at once,” Vin A. said, laughing. “I never thought Bronx Wanderers would be playing seven nights a week on the Strip for this long, but that’s going great. It’s crazy, but that’s how it is.”

John Katsilometes’ column runs daily in the A section. Contact him at Follow @johnnykats on Twitter, @JohnnyKats1 on Instagram.

February 19th, 2018

By Parker Collins KTNV

Musicians who perform on and off the Las Vegas Strip are taking a stand against gun violence.

The project started with a singer at Bally's, Vin Adinolfi. He was fed up with all the shootings across the nation and even here in Las Vegas. He did what he knew how to do and wrote a song.

The name of the song is "Enough Is Enough." Clint Holmes, Frankie Scinta, and performers with Jersey Boys and The Bronx Wanderers all came together for the song.


"To have only been in this town 17 months and to look next to me and see like 15 of the biggest stars in town and 20 of the biggest stars in town, it was a moment I'll never forget," said Adinolfi.

After the tragedy of 1 October, it took little convincing to get big names on board.

"As soon as he told me about the project I was like heck yeah I'm in," said James "Bonzai" Caruso, a Grammy award-winning recording engineer and producer.


For months they've been working out of a Henderson recording studio. Sadly, however, they've had to change the lyrics to keep up with the latest shootings.

"It's a question... When is it ever enough?" said Keith Thompson, the musical arranger.

"I want to put some pressure on people. I want to make people start asking questions. I want people to realize this shouldn't be normal," said Adinolfi.

Only a few snippets of the song have been released. The full thing is coming out in March.

Adinolfi hopes to present the song to the survivors of the Florida school shooting.

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John, Paul, George & Ringo.....

On April 17th, people across the Las Vegas valley come to "The Space" to support local charities by putting on a show called "Mondays Dark." It's the best $20 you can spend on entertainment and it goes to charity! This week is the "Peoples Autism Foundation." This night is special because it's BEATLES NIGHT!! Performers were asked to pick some of their favorite Beatles songs to perform. 

Every month, Mark Shunock partners with a different local Las Vegas charity. He gathers an eclectic cast of guests including stars from Hollywood, the Strip, musical acts, athletes and celebrity chefs for 90 minutes of chat, entertainment - and a lot of laughs. There is always a silent auction with amazing finds and tons of great drink specials. 

Vin A. especially killed the end of the show with his version of "Golden Slumbers/ Carry That Weight/ The End." Once the song came to an end, the audience roared and were quick to stand on their feet. You can catch the video here! Don't miss out on the next Mondays Dark supporting The Cupcake Girls on May 1st! 

Since 2013, Mondays Dark has partnered with over 30 local charities. It's mission is to raise 10k in 90 minutes. The $20 variety show has become one of the hottest tickets in town and the list of charities waiting to partner with Mondays Dark continues to grow. Mondays Dark has raised over $350,000 and every penny has stayed here in Las Vegas with each of it's featured charities.

Tickets are $20 and VIP is $50!

Tickets are available now, and going fast! Call 702-478-2899 to purchase or just click here.

April 9th, 2017

By VEGASNEWS.COM & QLife Magazine 

Oh my goodness! The Paul Lynde Show is now officially open inside the Windows Showroom at Bally’s Las Vegas (Photo credit: Denise Truscello /WireImage)

Written and performed by comedian and acclaimed celebrity impersonator, Michael Airington, the show opened to enthusiastic reviews from audience members attending the red carpet grand opening of the show on Saturday, April 8 celebrating the life of the legendary comedian, Paul Lynde.

The one-man Paul Lynde Show is based on the comedian’s 1976 live theater production of the same name and features voiceovers from the Master of The Hollywood Squares himself, Peter Marshall, as well as an all-star three-man band comprised of acclaimed musical director Keith Thompson and Bronx Wanderers stars Vinny Adinolfi and Fernando Torte.

His looks—close enough. Airington’s transformation into Lynde for each show takes an hour to complete and includes full hair and makeup. His mannerisms and gestures–flawless. His voice.

Oh, his voice. 

One would think that the nasally, campy, snarky, incomparable voice of Paul Lynde could ever be duplicated–or want to be, but Airington masters Lynde. The voice of Peter Marshall is real; Peter recorded the track for the Hollywood Squares segments for Michael. Close your eyes for a moment and listen to the dialog between Peter and Paul. You would swear it was 1978 again.

Michael has spent years performing and perfecting this character and caricature of Paul. Many of Paul Lynde’s friends have helped Airington perfect the character, including Peter Marshall, Cloris Leachman, Kaye Ballard, Karen Valentine, Jan Forbes and the late Andy Williams. This isn’t a tribute show–the Paul Lynde Show is produced with the full approval and cooperation of the Paul Lynde estate.

The show incorporates as much variety as Lynde. Airington’s monologs, singing, and dancing are entertaining enough, but the history and comedy that was Lynde and Lynde’s life are joyfully recounted and will have you hopping back on YouTube for Hollywood Squares clips and Hulu for Bewitched re-runs. If you find yourself in a conversation with Michael and are interrupted by his phone, you, too, will be downloading Samantha’s tinkle-tinkle-tinkle ringtone.

There was no denying Paul Lynde was gay, but Lynde never publicly came out. With so many actors fearful of what coming out would do to their careers, Lynde seemed fearless. While it wasn’t something that was discussed, it wasn’t something of much controversy either. Paul Lynde passed away in 1982 at the age of 55 in his home in Beverly Hills.

Tickets for The Paul Lynde Show starring Michael Airington are available at and at Bally's Box Office with performances at 2pm Wednesday - Monday at the Windows Theater in Bally's.

Vin A. Plays for Veterans & Their Families @ Nellis Air force Base →

April 1st, 2017


As Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen in the 1952 film, Danny Kaye travelled the countryside delighting children with his musical fairytales. Assuming Kaye’s fictionalized mantle, Bronx Wanderer turned troubadour Vin A strolled the grounds of Las Vegas’ Nellis Air Force Base spinning songs for the children of Air Force personnel in celebration of the Easter Eggs-Travaganza. 

With an already full schedule that included a day of sound checks and three shows on the Las Vegas Strip (The Paul Lynde Show, The Bronx Wanderers and a private event, UNLVino at Paris Las Vegas), Vin A couldn’t say “no” to the Air Force kids. 

Eggs-Travanza organizers Jacquie Imhoff and Harris Weinblatt assembled entertainers and dozens of volunteers to stroll the grounds and man “goofy games” for the kids, providing fun, music and prizes for the hundreds who turned out for the event. 


April 1st, 2017

Las Vegas loves a party. And Las Vegans love to support worthy causes too. UNLVino guests were able to “take a sip for scholarship” with generous food tasting opportunities on March 30 through April 1, 2017 at the highly anticipated three night annual event in support of UNLV's  William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration.

UNLVino  continued its tradition of recognizing hospitality industry leaders with the Dom Pérignon Award of Excellence. Bar Rescue” star Jon Taffer, who is headquartered in Las Vegas, was honored by UNLV hospitality students during UNLVino “Take a Sip for Scholarship” event. There are three opportunities to support UNLV students and enjoy spectacular events.

Returning to Paris Las Vegas’ ballroom, UNLVino’s time-honored Grand Tasting will delight guests with an unrivaled collection of premium beverages as the weekend’s main event indulges guests with delectable cuisine from UNLV’s culinary students and celebrated Vegas restaurants. Special guests The Bronx Wanderers made an appearance and absolutely killed the performance! Who knew what a little wine and some great music could do to a crowd. Dancing and hollering went way into the night. 

UNLVino was cofounded in 1974 by the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration and Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada, the two organizations which continue to sponsor it today. Over the past four decades, UNLVino has raised several million dollars for scholarships and other academic developmental needs of UNLV students. ]UNLVino is differentiated through hands-on student experiences at all levels of event planning, execution and promotion, as well as the impactful funds raised each year – all testaments to the celebratory weekend’s broader purpose – scholarship.

March 23rd, 2017


"If you liked Jersey Boys, you will LOVE The Bronx Wanderers!" (Sam Wagmeister, The Vegas Voice), was the first of many favorable media reviews that The Bronx Wanderers have received.

After touring the country over the past 12 years, The Bronx Wanderers have found their home in Las Vegas, with more than 200 shows over the past six months under their belt at Bally's - Las Vegas.

Fans and critics alike have been charmed with the best 90 minutes of America's rock 'n' roll songbook on the Las Vegas Strip. The Four Seasons' very own Tommy Devito and Joe Long became very emotional while watching The Bronx Wanderers perform some of the songs that made them famous and that eventually created the Jersey Boys phenomenon.

Seven nights a week at 5:30 p.m., the trio, Vinny and his two sons — Vinny "The Kid" and Nicky "Stix" — flanked by their top-notch band, effortlessly bring to life songs from the beginning of rock 'n' roll right through today's tunes.

Nearly 30,000 guests, traveling from every corner of the world, from Australia to Alaska, have enjoyed The Bronx Wanderers perform hits made famous by the likes of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Dion, the Beach Boys, Queen, Bruno Mars, Coldplay and many others.

To say that The Bronx Wanderers have devoted fans would be a huge understatement. Many fans return to see the show again and again, including one couple who has seen the show 36 times. Additionally, a group of fans from Chicago, who call themselves "The Front Row Ladies," have visited Las Vegas four times since the show opened, always sitting in the front row donning their Bronx Wanderers logo t-shirts. Women in particular love the group – especially Vinny "The Kid," who has received marriage proposals from women ages 18 to 88.

The show has also been a magnet for some of entertainment's most iconic names including Tony Orlando, Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits, Joey Dee, Gary Lewis and Jay and the Americans. Fellow Bally's Las Vegas headliner Wayne Newton even made an appearance when he surprised Vinny in the middle of the show by pretending to be a waiter and bringing him a drink on stage, hearkening back to the days when he and Elvis played pranks on each other.

If anything rivals The Bronx Wanderers' passion for playing music on stage, it is their drive to help others in the Las Vegas community. Working with Win-Win Entertainment, the group has becoming actively involved with the Miracle League, a program that provides individuals with cognitive and/or physical challenges the opportunity to play baseball in a safe and nurturing environment.

"It has been a dream come true to get to perform on the Las Vegas Strip over the past six months," said Vinny. "It's been amazing to meet audiences from all over the country and even the world. By the end of each show, people in their 20s into their 80s are all jumping to their feet, clapping and dancing along with us. We have loved every minute of living and performing in Vegas and look forward to being here for many years to come!"

"We are so proud of what The Bronx Wanderers have been able to accomplish since they opened last September," said Kathi Glist, one of the show's producers. "In addition to more than 200 successful shows, they have been embraced by the local Las Vegas community and have given back by volunteering their time to various organizations. Furthermore, they have been asked to perform for several key events in the city, including Chinese New Year at The LINQ Promenade, as well as a summit for more than 400 Caesars Entertainment executives from around the world."

"The Bronx Wanderers have been a great addition to our entertainment lineup at Bally's Las Vegas," said Damian Costa, Caesars Entertainment vice president of Las Vegas entertainment operations. "They have been welcomed graciously into the Las Vegas community while notably standing out in the entertainment landscape due to their enormous talent."

Tickets for The Bronx Wanderers are $69.99, $79.99 and $99.99 for VIP seating, which includes a meet and greet with the cast and a photo. Pricing includes all additional fees. Locals can purchase premium seats for $34.50 (additional fees apply) when they mention the code BWLOCAL. Tickets may be purchased online, by calling (702) 777-2782 and (855) 234-7469, or in person at any Las Vegas Caesars Entertainment Box Office. For groups of 10 or more call 1-866-574-3851 or email

March 20th, 2017


The Bronx Wanderers are definitely some angels in the outfield! Yo' Vinny and Vinny "The Kid" are frequent BUDDY volunteers at the games. Miracle League provides children and adults with cognitive and/or physical challenges in the greater Las Vegas community the opportunity to play baseball in a safe and nurturing environment.

"THANKS ONCE AGAIN guys for your awesome service to Miracle League of Las Vegas." - The Miracle League of Las Vegas

The games are played with soft, foam balls and foam or plastic bats, on a soft, spongy playing surface, allowing special needs individuals to enjoy physical and mental stimulation, and build greater self-esteem. Recently the Bronx Wanderers have been the kids and adults favorite people to see at the games! Opening day was on March 18th, where Vin A. and Big Vinny got to throw the opening pitch! Not only that, but they also got a special performance from Vin A. singing the song "Uptown Funk".

The Miracle League of Las Vegas gives players a sense of team pride and inclusion just like their able-bodied peers that play the game of baseball. 


March 4th, 2017


...and Las Vegas loves The Bronx Wanderers.

Vin A. visited a local elementary school to celebrate Nevada Reading Week. Comedic juggler Jeff Civillico, through his Win Win Foundation, helped place local celebs in the schools to share their talents and times with the kids. You simply visit a classroom, read a story or 2 to the children, and talk a bit about your career and field some questions if you like. It’s super fun, and very rewarding.

Some other readers included: Monica Heuser of Menopause the Musical; Win Win Board Member Sue Mirman, Singer Skye Dee Miles, Vita Drew of Menopause the Musical, Win Win Founder and Chairman Jeff Civillico Pamela Carlston of St. Judes Ranch, Win Win Advisory Board Member Diahann Hall, Magician John Rotellini, Monica Direnzo of Caesars, Stephanie Arone of Activity Planners, Win Win Board Member Beth Dandy, Magician Xavier Mortimer, Natalie Shipman of Vegas Theatre Hub, Vin A. of the Bronx Wanderers Stacy Spahle of WeAre.Vegas, Win Win board president Debbie Lucas Bingham.

"So happy to have been a reader for Nevada Reading Week! Went to 4 classrooms at Mountain View Elementary and read to the kids and talked about my life, working hard, and accomplishing your dreams ... A little girl even gave me her pencil because she liked me so much. Thank you WIN WIN for this opportunity!" - Vin A. 

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February 4th, 2017


A half decade ago, musician/singer/composer/arranger and all around talented nice guy Kenny Davidsen packed up his piano, checked out of his Manhattan apartment and headed to Las Vegas. Never passing up an opportunity to be seen, Davidsen quickly became a familiar face around town sitting in with some of the best and developing a loyal following in the process.

Davidsen and his trademark bowtie soon established residency gigs at Downtown Las Vegas hip nightspot Don’t Tell Mama after having served an identical residency at New York’s Don’t Tell Mama. Before long, local favorite Tuscany Casino teamed up with Davidsen for a weekly show that’s become a favorite of many of the town’s most well known performers. Davidsen, a graduate of Stuyvesant High School (for you Bronx Wanderer fans) now hosts Tuscany’s weekly Bow Tie Cabaret every Friday at 8:30 and other special shows in the casino’s Copa Room. Friday it was newcomer Vin A’s turn to share the Bow Tie Spotlight with some of his more contemporary favorites. Heeding Papa Vinny’s advice, played some of the “way-back” songs from the Beatle’s era. 

"Success in Las Vegas comes from hard work."

The Bronx Wanders, who appear 7 nights a week, are out there making guest appearance and getting their names known and faces recognized, developing a local following as they did with their East Coast and Midwest tours. The responses from Las Vegas locals have been overwhelming.


December 15th, 2016


There’s life off The Strip in Las Vegas but it’s a life that’s not found in the visitor’s guides that stockpile the end tables in casino guest rooms. For some of the treasures, it takes a little digging to unearth those buried treasures.

One of those riches is Composer’s Showcase, a little known gem of a show that only about 260 people are privileged to attend every month or so. Usually on the second Wednesday of the month, after 10:00 PM when the curtains for most performances on The Strip have dropped their curtain, the musicians, performers, backstage crews and others gather at Las Vegas’ Smith Center for the Performing Arts. The nearly four year old gleaming art deco complex boasts three theaters: the 2000 seat Reynolds Hall for booming Broadway shows and concerts, the intimate Troesch Studio theater rehearsal hall for “black box type” smaller shows and, what many consider it’s crown jewel, the 258 seat Cabaret Jazz with perhaps the finest sound system and engineers in The World. 

Composer Showcase guest performers are screened and invited by Keith Thompson, the brilliant and delightfully witty Master of Ceremonies and former musical director for “Jersey Boys” who himself is a Las Vegas treasure. The evenings often skew to the lightly-bawdy side with many performers looking into the audience and asking, “There aren’t any children present, are there?” 

"Vin A held his own and then some with the elite inner circle audience of respected Las Vegas show people drawing a standing ovation for his work." 

The Bronx Wanderers Vin A took his place on the Composer’s Showcase stage Wednesday evening with one of his original compositions, true to the rules of the showcase that only allow for previously unrecorded works. On an evening that saw many tributes to Christmas, love, broken hearts and a variety of parodies, Vin A held his own and then some with the elite inner circle audience of respected Las Vegas show people drawing a standing ovation for his work. 

Strictly presented for the love of the art, Composer’s Showcase is a “giveback” event where performers are paid in the form of applause, love and affection by their fellow industry folk. Volunteering to accompany Vin A were musicians on cello, violin and a 4-piece horn section and Bronx Wanderers band members Joe Bonasorte (guitar), Nicky Adolfini (drums) and Fernando Tort (bass).


The Bronx Wanderers joined some of Las Vegas royalty on the Big Stage at the Orleans Casino in the Penn and Teller Showroom for the 2016 Headliners Bash. The 5th Annual Headliners Bash, conceived by juggling funnyman Jeff Civillico, is a fundraiser that raises money for on-going programs that benefit hospital patients, senior care residents, special needs children and adults and veterans and military families.

Also performing were Larry Edwards as Tina Turner (of Frank Marino's "Divas"), the acrobatic kids of Social CirKISH. The Vegas Tenors, comedian Jason Hewlett, the Lon Bronson band, the casts of "Menopause the Musical" and "Baz - Star Crossed Love" and Clint Holmes. Receiving the award as "Entertainers of the Year" were producers Kathi Glist and Alan Glist and the cast of "Menopause the Musical" for their charitable work. The Glists also produce The Bronx Wanderers' show. 

The Bronx Wanderers at Bally’s keeps it all in the family

November 8th, 2016


It’s a family affair when Vin Adinolfi takes the stage of Windows Showroom at Bally’s because his sons Nick on drums and Vin III on keyboards belt out the hits for Dad to sing and accompany with his rhythm. The trio who make up The Bronx Wanderers for their new show are joined by Joe Barui on sax, Joe Bonasorte on lead guitar and Jeff Saltzberg on bass guitar.

Vin Sr. told me: “The band started with my two kids and myself and a few of my friends. Our original sax player was one of The Tokens (“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”) and the other was a guitar player who was an original member of The Earls (“Remember Then”). Doing up to 225 one-nighters a year took a toll on them and also took them away from their families.


“My kids had their own band of friends from high school who I knew from always being in our house. The kids invited me out one night to play with them, and I asked if they wanted to tour and do this. I thought it would make for a fun dynamic. The old guy trapped with the kids and the kids stuck with the old guy.

“We are together as this unit almost 4 years. In 2002, we were doing oldies shows with members of Dion’s current band at that time. In 2004, we left and went out on our own as the family act you see today.” Vin credits Dion for his start. In the show, he refers to him as the group’s patriotic saint.

“I grew up in the same neighborhood as Dion and The Belmonts and Chazz Palminteri. Dion was close with our family, as my grandmother and Dion’s mother were distant cousins in the Campanella family. I know Dion since my crib. In our neighborhood even to this day, he is looked upon as our star who made it out of the neighborhood and is known worldwide.



“Chazz, too, with ‘A Bronx Tale.’ I’m down the chain but have been presented awards by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and our New York senators. I went to the record label and told them I know Dion and I wanted a job, and they called him with me in the office saying, ‘There is some kid here looking for a job who says he knows you.’ He told them to hire me, and they did. I have seen him through the years and will forever be indebted to him.”

Vin began at the New York recording/music publishing company in 1977. “I have remained with them until this day. We are not operating as a full-blown label anymore, but we still license material for movies and TV. I am involved with that. The production company owners have always treated me as a son, and I do all I can to always help them out.”

For the last five years, The Bronx Wanderers have played South Point twice a year. Vin continued: “As a record executive, I knew we would have to have a game plan, so I had a 10-year plan. I told the boys if they work hard, someday we will get our own room in Las Vegas. To do this without a hit record would mean we would have to work twice as hard as everyone else.

“They agreed, and in the first five years, the plan was to play in the New York Tri-State area and establish ourselves as a serious act. I gave them a group to target and said I want to be on the level by year five. We got there in year four. The next phase was to travel across the country and establish ourselves as a national act.

“We went from Seattle to Miami and from Los Angeles to Massachusetts. We roughly play 225 dates a year with the most being a sit down for only three days. So lots and lots of traveling.” For as long as he can remember, Vin’s dream had been to have his own show here: “I’m a throwback. I always say I was born too late.


“I love Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, Paul Anka, Tony Orlando and Wayne Newton. I always watched and studied them. They were who I wanted to be, and Las Vegas was where they worked.

“In 1983, my wife and I stopped in Las Vegas from Hawaii on our honeymoon, and I took a photo in front of a marquee picture of Frank Sinatra and wrote the caption ‘someday’ on the picture. Just a few weeks back on Sept. 30 when we celebrated our 33rd anniversary here, I wrote in the card to my wife, ‘we finally did it!’ referencing that picture.”

Now The Bronx Wanderers are playing to packed audiences and getting standing ovations and loud cheers. Said Vin: “This is an amazing dream, and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t look up and say thank you for all that is happening to us. It’s an incredible opportunity in this amazing town.

“I almost can’t believe it. I keep waiting to be told to wake up, that this is all some sort of dream. I keep thinking back to when I looked at the kids and we were unloading all of our band equipment on a cold winter night, and I would be looking at them as they were 14 and 11 and wondered what kind of father am I making them do this?

“I never thought this would work, but I never stopped hoping and praying. I tell the kids all the time we have all of this because of the audiences who come to see us. Never forget that and each and every night, we personally thank all who come to our shows in our meet-and-greets.

“We are all humbled every night as audiences come to our show in a city where there are hundreds of choices. The next phase of that plan is to hope we will be here a long, long time.”

“Solid Gold Soul” is the other new musical at Bally’s, and we’ll take a look at that amazing tribute to Motown on Wednesday.

lovebent rocks stockton: Crowd praises performance

Argo Staff Writer

On Thursday April 23rd, the normally reserved Lakeside Lodge was rocking as the trio known as Lovebent rook to the stage. In a set that included some classic covers and creative originals, Lovebent proved they were ready for the big time. In promotion of their debut album Surface Junk, Lovebent played “Sunday Morning,” an original, guitar driven tune that serves almost as an instant adrenaline rush to its listeners.

Indeed, it was the song that had the audience on their feet. Lead singer and guitarist, Vin Adinolfi invited some enthusiastic fans onstage to sing back-ground vocals. It became glaringly obvious that Lovebent was going to make a dent in the musical world, and top 40 radio. It makes one wonder why their album only has a tentative December release.

In between these original treats were covers of such bands as Aerosmith, Van Halen and Weezer and the song “Jumpin Jack Flash.” These selections only prove that the members of Lovebent have the musical background and knowledge to craft their own sound.

“Adinolfi exudes electric energy equal only to that of Mick Jagger strumming on the guitar and jumping around on the stage as though music was the end all be all of his existence.”

There’s no question why he is the bands front man. He and his other band members look so at home and comfortable on stage that one almost forgets they are watching a rock show. Instead It’s like witnessing some friends who just love music. Many of the fans who showed up to the show felt this connection, shouting their praises every chance they got.

The night turned serious when Adinolfi had a moment of rememberance for the late Stockton professor Paul Lyons, saying how he was, “the coolest teacher ever.” Lyons passed away a few months back and harbored a passion for music just like Adinolfi himself. Lovebent put on an enjoyable and entertaining concert experience, a polished act that is really for venues far bigger than claustrophobic Lakeside Lodges. 

“The Love You Take…”: The Bronx Wanderers

May 14th, 2016

By Spotlight Central

The Bronx Wanderers came home to New Jersey and packed the house on Saturday, May 7, 2016, at the Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts in Toms River, NJ. Performing to a sold-out audience of family, friends, and fans, the group wowed the hometown crowd with an exciting selection of tunes ranging all the way from the 1950s to the present.

The Bronx Wanderers is a father and son (and other son!) band which includes dad Vinny on lead vocals; son Vinny Jr. on keyboards; and son Nicky on drums. Rounding out the group are friends and neighbors Joe Bonasorte on guitar, Joe Bari on sax, and Ethan Bill on bass.

According to Vinny Sr., even though he grew up in the Bronx — where, over the years, he became friends with such famous local residents as Chazz Palminteri, Danny Aiello, and Tony Orlando — once he was older, he decided to cross the river and raise his family in Demarest, located in nearby Bergen County, New Jersey.

In addition to that, according to Vinny Sr., he also maintains a personal connection to every song he and the boys perform in their show. As such, it’s no surprise they opened the evening at Toms River’s Grunin Center with “The Wanderer” and “I Wonder Why,” both hits by Dion, with whom Vinny Sr. used to work.

In fact, according to Vinny Sr., Dion is the individual who introduced him to Columbia Records’ Tommy West and Terry Cashman, a pair of music producers who made a name for themselves producing records by such acts as Jim Croce and The Partridge Family. Telling them he wanted to be a star, West and Cashman convinced Vinny to become a record producer instead, thus enabling him to stay home in New Jersey and raise a family. He did just that — for 35 years, in fact — producing records for the likes of Alabama, Reba McEntire, George Strait, The Spinners, and many more, all while working in a local band he founded, The Bronx Wanderers. Once his sons were old enough, they joined the band, and they have now been a part of the act for years.

And although the family now travels the world doing live performances — in fact, they just returned from a string of concerts in Florida and are about to embark on a recurring house gig in Vegas — they always love coming back to perform in their beloved home state. And is it any wonder why, when the audience is filled with people who know and love them?

For example, at the Grunin Center, Vinny Sr. made it a point to introduce many “celebrities” in the audience — his family doctor for many years, who, he claims, up until this evening had never seen him perform; the family who owned the restaurant which gave The Wanderers their start when Vinny Jr. and Nicky were just kids; and his wife, Carol, who runs the slideshow of movies and photos during the show which visually help to tell the story of Vinny and his lifelong love affair with music.

The audience at the Grunin Center was also treated to a very special surprise when Vinny Sr. introduced another guest in the house this evening — Joe Long, bass player for the Four Seasons from 1965–1975 — who had been quietly enjoying the show from the balcony. And one of many highlights of the evening followed when The Wanderers expertly performed a tribute to The Four Seasons which included a medley of their smash hits “Rag Doll,” “Walk Like a Man,” “Dawn,” and “Who Loves You?”

Another highlight of the show was The Wanderer’s complete rendition of Billy Joel’s “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.” As with many of their numbers, the multi-talented band members traded off singing lead vocals and playing instruments. For example, when it was brother Nicky’s turn to sing lead vocals with Dad, brother Vinny Jr. took over the responsibility of keeping the beat by playing Nicky’s drums.

Yet another highlight was the Bronx Wanderer’s medley of instrumental surf tunes which included exciting versions of “Wipe Out” and the theme from “Hawaii Five–0.” Here, Vinny Sr. turned the spotlight over to the youngsters — Joe Bari on saxophone, Joe Bonasorte on guitar, Vinny Jr. now on guitar, Ethan on bass, and Nicky on drums — and simply played the part of the “proud papa” as his “boys” rocked the house to a fascinated crowd.

Following a short break, The Wanderers came back to invite the audience to sing along with them on Dion’s “Teenager in Love” and then segued into one of their most impressive performances of the night — a stunning live version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” — so perfectly brought to life, it immediately brought the dazzled audience to its feet.

Vinny Sr. went on to introduce another guest star — Johnny T of The Mystics, a group who had a major hit with “Hushabye” — Johnny being a member of this group from the mid-1970s until 1990. Together, they treated the audience to a rollicking version of another Dion hit, “Runaround Sue.”

And if that weren’t enough, Vinny Sr. went on to introduce yet another special guest star to the hometown crowd when he invited DJ Rockin Ray, The Doctor of Doowop, from Jersey’s WBNJ radio to join him on stage. DJ Ray’s excitement was obvious as he joined Vinny and the Wanderers for a second Four Seasons medley featuring “Sherry,” “Let’s Hang On,” “Opus 17 (Don’t You Worry About Me),” and “Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye).”

Following this memorable performance, DJ Ray excitedly spoke from the heart about his love for “oldies” music, explaining how he feels the music of today just isn’t the same, and his admiration for The Bronx Wanderers, who consistently perform this classic music with all the love and respect it deserves. And to musically prove that point, for the band’s grand finale, the Wanderers presented a live version of one of the classic music performances in rock history — The Beatles’ Abbey Road “Medley” — one of the high points being when Joe Bari, Joe Bonasorte, Vinny Jr. and Vinny Sr. all joined Nicky in communally playing the riveting drum solo from “The End.”

The Wanderers concluded their two-hour show by trading guitar solos and, lastly, by joyfully reminding all their friends, family members, and fans who came to cheer them on at their home for the evening, Jersey’s own Grunin Center, “And in the end… the love you take… is equal to the love you make.”

For more on The Bronx Wanderers, please go to For more information on upcoming programming at the Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts — including Broadway’s Adam Pascal and Daphne Rubin-Vega from RENT on June 3 and The 1910 Fruitgum Co. on June 4 — please go to

Family band steps back in time

October 24th, 2014

Aiken Standard

Vinny Adinolfi, a musician from The Bronx, credits the start of his career to rock-and-roll legend and fellow Bronx native Dion DiMucci. One night, Adinolfi was playing with DiMucci when “The Bronx Tale” actor Chazz Palminteri stopped by and joined the two on stage.

As the three performed, Adinolfi caught sight of his son out in the audience, noticed his resemblance to a character from “The Bronx Tale” and invited him on up. When Adinolfi’s son came up on stage, “the crowd went crazy,” Adinolfi said. That night was the beginning of Adinolfi’s family band, The Bronx Wanderers.

Aiken Performing Arts Group will present The Bronx Wanderers at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 6 and 7 at the URS Center for the Performing Arts, 126 Newberry St. S.W. The Bronx Wanderers, made up of Adinolfi and his young adult sons Vinny and Nick, have been called “the perfect musical storm,” according to a release. “We are Nu-Wop,” Adinolfi said. “We take classic songs put our spin on them as I try to stay as close to the original as possible.”

The band’s name itself partially came from DiMucci’s 1960s hit “The Wanderer.” When he discovered that “The Wanderers” was already a popular band name, Adinolfi added his hometown to the title. DiMucci isn’t the band’s only connection to the 1960s.

“We are ‘The Jersey Boys’ meets ‘A Bronx Tale,’” Adinolfi said. “The Jersey Boys” refers to the 1960s rock-pop band The Four Seasons. Adinolfi knows the group’s lead singer, Frankie Valli. “He’s a good guy,” he said. The story of The Four Seasons has been adapted to Broadway and the big screen with “The Jersey Boys” show and film.

“Nick played drums for the Chicago cast of ‘The Jersey Boys,’” Adinolfi said. Nick and Vinny are in their 20s, are from New Jersey, the same state Valli came from, and grew up with stars like Palminteri and DiMucci hanging around their house. “Audiences love seeing (people their age) play songs that are 50 years old,” Adinolfi said. The Bronx Wanderers also perform numbers from the 1950s and 1970s.

Young Vinny, who can play the guitar, piano, bass and violin, and Nick, a drummer who enjoys jazz and hip-hop, are also in the rock band Lovebent. The family trio have played together for more than a decade. “It was tough at first because I was the band leader but I had to be Dad,” Adinolfi said.

The three do about 200 to 250 shows annually. “It never really stops ... but it’s been great. I’ve watched them grow up, and, now 11 years later, they carry me,” Adinolfi said with a laugh.

For more information on The Bronx Wanderers, visit