Vin was born in New York City in 1988.  His father, Vin Adinolfi Jr., worked for Terry Cashman & Tommy West who went from producers for ABC Records and Warner Brothers Records to being given their own label at Columbia Records.  He, along with the label, produced many notable music acts like Jim Croce, The Partridge Family, Dion, Henry Gross, and many more.  Vin's father worked for the label the majority of his career, until the day the executives of the label said they were retiring.  He was only in his 40's and had no idea what to do until his friend, actor Chazz Palminteri, told him to start a band with his two sons.  They were 14 and 11 at the time and were just playing musical instruments for fun at home.  So with Vin's brother on drums, his father singing, and himself on keyboard/guitar/vocals, they recruited members from The Tokens, The Earls, and The Belmonts and formed The Bronx Wanderers.    

They started touring all over the New York tri-state area playing small clubs and catering halls.  Over the years, Vin's brother and himself became determined to hone our craft, work hard, and perform more than any other act on our circuit.  Subsequently they did,  averaging 200-255 shows a year, amassing fans all across the United States and Canada.  They began opening for famous bands at oldies shows such as Jay Black, Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits, The Turtles, Tony Orlando, The Drifters, The Shirelles, and many others.  Soon, fans weren't coming to see the headliners of the shows, they were coming to see The Bronx Wanderers. 

            While attending college and earning his degree in Business Management, Vin would tour on the weekends with The Bronx Wanderers.  They became the headliner on their own tour and played from Seattle to Miami.  The venues were 1,000-5,000 seat capacity theaters and Performing Arts Centers.  Vin was starting to take a major interest in the recording aspect of the band and produced 5 full length studio albums by the time he was 27.  At the same time that The Bronx Wanderers were starting to make a name for itself, his brother and himself began to write their own material and started a side project called, Lovebent.  When the touring became too rigorous for the older musicians in the group, he suggested they take the members of Lovebent (my high-school friends), and merge the two bands.  His father now leads him, his brother and 3 of his high school friends in the current Bronx Wanderers.

            They have sung the National Anthem to 18,000 screaming NY Rangers fans at Madison Square Garden, filled in for Frankie Valli in The United Arab Emirates in Dubai, were the first and only act to ever open for Tony Orlando, recorded on Danny Aiello's album Bridges, headlined many major festivals in the country for 5+ years, had their music broadcast on the radio nationally, and have secured a permanent residency in Las Vegas at Bally's Hotel and Casino.  The band has sold over 100,000+ units of music and are privileged to perform for 10,000 people a month in the entertainment capital of the world.  Due to the band's ever-growing success, Vin decided to form his own record label, Whichway Records, which now houses all of the music he creates from each and every project.  The label also provides sound and video services for other acts on the Las Vegas strip as well as the rest of the country.